One of the main concept of Buddhism explains the derivation of human suffering from the idea that happiness can be achieved through satisfaction of desires. This is called "taṇhā", it means "thirst" in Pali. In today's world there is nothing easier than to be happy, it is enough to read a book with a recipe of success, to buy a toaster with non-stick coating, or do yoga. Since the very childhood, we get used to the world of continuous reproduction and consumption of signs, to the world of infinite variety of the same things.
Project is based on some online-magazine articles about various "tops" of things, after the buying of which people usually regret. There was an article about "the best spiritual practices" for self-improvement on the same magazine.
Promising fulfillment of all desires by thousands ways, our culture masterly creates more and more. It forces a person to endless attempts to fill that deep emptiness that is born of the impermanence of all pleasure.

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